Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Julian Louie, Spring 2011

A dress with texture, yes please!  Whats interesting about this dress is that its just a simple black and white number, but add the color tassels and BAM you got something different and unexpected.  Here is what has to say:

"It wasn't your usual fashion inspiration: The Hyena & Other Men, a book of photographs by the South African lensman Pieter Hugo that documents the lives of Nigerian street entertainers and their faunal entourage—three hyenas, two pythons, and four monkeys—provided Julian Louie with this season's springboard. Influenced by the way Hugo's human subjects mixed traditional, opulent African garments with found pieces of American athleticwear, Louie played with adornment and collage. An asymmetric silk satin skirt came festooned with tassels like the kind you'd find on a tie-back for a pair of damask curtains, 

I love knowing what inspired a designer and I love when that inspiration comes from something to the left of traditional fashion inspiration.  Having never heard of Pieter Hugo's work I had to look him up, its a pretty intense series, below are some images I got from Hugo's website

 I love the cycle of inspiration and how it can be interpreted and used to create more inspiring works of art. I wonder what Hugo thinks of this?  I wonder what the subjects in the photos think of this?  I wonder what the poor hyenas think of this? 

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