Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tao, Spring 2011

Ok I shouldn't play favorites, but I love this dress.  Its so busy with texture, layers, pattern and yet comes across as airy...thats pretty impressive.  I totally get a Jane Austen, early 1800's vibe.  FYI, if I was asked to live for a month in one period of history, based on clothing style, I would pick that era.  I love how for about 25 years women were running around in dresses that breathed, moved, and were not confined by a corset.  Its a wonder that women ever agreed to go back to uptight confining clothes.  

So all this writing about Jane Austen to describe this modern dress got me thinking how would Jane Austen describe this dress if it found its way to the 1800's?

"I fear that Tao has made a regrettable mistake, which has caused me a terrific headache.  While I find the silhouette agreeable, the use of dots is dizzying and leaves the mind to wander to wicked places.  I daresay any lady would risk unfavorable attention if she was to wear this to Mr. Knightly's Christmas Eve Ball.  I would not recommend the burden.", Jane Austen 

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