Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Marco de Vincenzo, Spring 2011

Fantasy Life: Isn't this dress fun! A little added texture and color, just imagine being on the dance floor with all that movement of the tassels! 

Reality: A dress with tassels in the middle spells disaster when my dinner or red wine falls on it.  And it may just be because I am on vacation surrounded by mosqitoes, but wouldn't the tassels attract the bugs?  Then I would have to pick them out at the end of the night, which doesn't seem like a chic thing to have to do.  

On an art note the added texture reminds me of Maurizio Anzeri's work, who sews into vintage photo he finds.  By making repetive lines he creates a mask over the subjects face.  As with the dress, the added textured and color adds a new element and twist on a otherwise neutral background.  Anzeri's website is under construction, but if you are interested you can learn more about him here.

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