Monday, June 6, 2011

Designskolen Kolding, Spring 2011

Another look from Copenhagen fashion week.  Layers over layer of fabric, with a little keyhole of skin showing in the middle.  As I write this I am trying to articulate and understand why I keep being drawn to looks that are toga like and have this Japanese fashion feel.  I believe it is comes from some place deep inside that just enjoys the comfort and security of being wrapped in a blanket.  I am the type of person that is always cold, who often can be seen at home with a blanket wrapped around like a grecian goddess.  Ok more bag lady like then grecian goddess, but this is a blog and I am suppose to entice my readers into my amazing, always fabulous life.  In reality for a bumming-around-the-house-wrapped-in-a-blanket-feel I should invest in layered numbers, that way I look chic and stay toasty warm.  If I wore this number I may have to cover up the key hole or it will be counter productive to staying insulated.  

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  1. Soon you can be wrapped in a layer of soft alpaca/silk that will help with this.