Friday, June 3, 2011

Street Style, Chicago spring 2011

It was so exciting to have stumbled upon this coat on the streets of Chicago.  There is this terrible imbalance to seeing interesting unexpected things in real life vs. the runway.  Not many people (me included) step outside the cultural comfort zone when it comes to dressing, its great to see someone who has the courage to break up the mundane.  This coat had so much floral pattern detail and a fur trim color to boot! It really reminded me of some old tapestry you would find hanging in a den full of books, with that "full of old books" smell.  The lady probably had been wearing the coat for years and didn't even know that finding inspiration from interiors, especially busy prints is all over the runway this season  ....that is according to the wall street journal

"What's interesting is that the fashion world is giving wallpaper something of a second wind. "Wallpaper has been saturated in terms of interiors," said set designer Stefan Beckman. "But I think now fashion designers are looking at those kinds of prints in different ways to reinterpret them." Wall Street Journal, Meenal Mistry


  1. That coat is from anthro! It's like $7000. The lady on real housewives of new jersey was wearing it on Monday! Weird fashion-jersey connection.

  2. Anthro...bummer. I liked imagining it was either pasted down or thrifted