Monday, June 13, 2011

Giles, Spring 2011

Months ago when I was going through the Spring collection I was wrapped in a blanket and it was cold outside, then this outfit did not strike me as strange.  But know its over 90 degrees out and the thought of wearing a puffy hat is exhausting.  So lets cool down and enjoy this look by learning a little bit about the artist Spencer Finch.  A certain lovable fur ball told me about Finch's work, especially a project he did  where he used solar power to run an ice cream machine that turned out colors that were seen in the sunset.  I love art thats thought provoking (if you want to go there) and also just plain fun.


To learn more about the project you can either visit his site or this blog which documented the process of installing and making the project.

* So when I wrote this it was 90 degrees out now its 60 degrees, what a strange Chicago summer. 

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