Friday, July 29, 2011

Wunderkind, Spring 2011

Last day on the homestead.  This coat with flowers and cherries printed on it is the perfect coat for my travels back to the city because when I begin missing being in the country I can look down and feel a little closer to nature.  Apparently Wunderkind's designer, Wolfgang Joop was inspired by a Portugal garden when designing this collection.  I think he should come visit Grandma Davis when he is planning his next collection.  As you may have noticed Grandma Davis is no where to be found, she must be mourning the end of her adventures with her city friend.  

Not the first time I drew myself in a Wunderkind look here are some early looks I drew last summer...its amazing how much my drawing style has developed.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gary Graham, Spring 2011

Grandma Davis doesn't look to happy in this photo.  I think the dream of a homestead is wearing on her.  I on the other hand am happy as a clam wearing Gary Graham.  That should be his next jingle.  Really this look is meant to be worn by a pick pocketer in 1800's London.  It gives me a Oliver Twist vibe that is hard to resist.  This homestead picture will be sent to the folks back east so they take pity on Grandma Davis and I and send supplies.  Mr. Graham you also can send much needed clothing supplies...really from any of your collections.  

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sass & Bide, Spring 2011

I find when tending chickens it helps to mimic a more chicken like appearance.  The metal belt is also a must for homesteading because it protects your hips from horns, thorns, or anything really.  Grandma Davis is a little shy about the whole outfit, though she did whisper and ask to borrow the belt.  

The imaginary description on the back of the photo reads: 

"Grandma Davis and her out of town friend continue to revolutionize not only how to care for chickens, but how to dress on the farm.  Their outfits have brought praise and suspicion over the modern day women".

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Junya Watanabe, Spring 2011

And the farming life continues...Being a bee charmer takes some gusto and a veil, which makes this Watanabe look perfect for the job.  White veil to protect the face and pink hair to inspire Grandma Davis (according to the caption on the back of the photo).  Oh and the stripes could come in handy and confuse the bees (like a zebra's stripes) in case I have to run in a panic when they decide I am no longer charming.  Here is the imaginary caption this newly created photo could have: 

"Grandma Davis has taken a liking to a colorful character named Seeley, she is known for her bee hives and whimsical attire."

Monday, July 25, 2011

Vivienne Westwood, Spring 2011

My homestead day dreams did not cease this weekend, in fact they have grown more distracting and delightful.  Nothing productive happened today except for pouring over garden and farming books.  The fact that I am able to sit and read for a whole afternoon is a luxury and something I will dream about doing one day when I am tending my fields and livestock :)  I was dreaming so much that when it was time to work on this blog I felt really torn and not really in the mood...that is until I realized I could bring fashion into my day dream.  So while listening to a homestead podcast I drew and colored my looks for the week.  I picked my looks based on the farm chores I would do in them.  This is the "hello, welcome to my homestead" look.  I am really pleased with the combination of the look and vintage photo.   This vintage photo (and the rest of the photos used this week) are from a cigar box full of vintage photos that I bought (for 20 bucks) when I lived in Rochester, score!  I always think of the old lady I bought them from and if her children or grandchildren were ever pissed that she sold off the family photos.  Well they are well loved and being repurposed (its the homestead way) so that should make the family happy.  

On the back of the photo it reads: "This is Jack's cabin he has taken a homestead of his own now and this is where they live by themselves while they build their home about 30 miles from mother.  I wish it was our's dear they have 160 acres. The dog is another's."

Friday, July 22, 2011

Street Style, Chicago: 2011

This heat is amazing, I don't think I have ever felt this hot!  It's too hot to even think of drawing more clothes on my cartoon self, so here is a street look I saw in Millennium Park.  Its a halter dress with the back exposed.  The real woman I saw wearing it also had this viney tattoo on her back, so I thought I would draw that as well.  Here's too keeping cool this weekend!   

Heat Wave lyrics (irving berlin)

We're having a heat wave,
A tropical heat wave,
The temperature's rising,
It isn't surprising,
She certainly can can-can.

She started a heat wave
By letting her seat wave
In such a way that
The customers say that
She certainly can can-can.

Gee, her anatomy
Makes the mercury
Jump to ninety-three.

We're having a heat wave,
A tropical heat wave,
The way that she moves
That thermometer proves
That she certainly can can-can.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Theater Products, Spring 2011

The modern victorian girl. Why does Japanese fashion make my heart pitter patter so much?  I really need to get on a plane and see that country with my own eyes.  Japan is on my list of top 3 places I would visit if time and money were no object.    

So its officially summer when I have my annual summer day dream about being a farmer.  I am fully aware that this day dream is just a romantic concept of farming and I'm ok with that.  The worse thing that could happen to this day dream is to ACTUALLY become a farmer and be stuck with all the hard work!

In this romantic day dream I get to feed chickens feed from my turned up apron while saying "here chick, chick".  I also have enough time to grow and supply my family with all the food needed for a year.  And in honor of this post I have decided that I also would farm in this above look.  I'm sure it is perfect for the farm, look no sun in my eyes with the very practical hat! The hat may be the only farm-practicle item, but thats ok this is a day dream after all.  

On an art note, all this talk of farming makes me think of one of the most beautiful series of photographs called "Mennonites" by Larry Towell.  Towell spent 10 years photographing mennonites in Canada and Mexico.  I went to his lecture in college and it sticks out as one of the best...he played a saw and read his poetry.  As a young budding artist, I found his lecture so inspiring.  The book created for the series is one of the most beautiful art books I own, I highly recommend it!  When I find myself surrounded by contemporary art there is nothing like resting my head and rediscovering the beauty in documentary photography.  I'm sure some contemporary art philosopher would argue a more complex reason for Towell's work, but its not needed.  Amazing storytelling.  Amazing compositions.  

all photos from magnum photos site

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cynthia Rowley, Fall 2010

Ok my last post about being home (I promise).  It just was a week of firsts

1) First time (last time) I turned 30
2) First time selling comics
3) First time presenting at the national art therapy conference
4) First Iphone
5) First time seeing a Mcqueen dress in person
6) First time teaching my nephews and niece how to catch lightening bugs

and one more first, which is relevant to this blog....

7) First designer purchase!

Over a year ago Cynthia Rowley collaborated with Gagosian Gallery where she had some of her runway looks photographed and then superimposed on fabric.  I was really taken by the idea and the discussion it brought up about the current state of fashion, appropriation, and the speed that information is handed to us.  All this thinking in one dress, it really symbolized for me fashion as art, which at its best it is.  So a season later I found myself in NYC (to see the Mcqueen show) and finally decided that I had thought about it long enough and that I was going to get one of the fabric panels!  I am a frugal gal, so this kind of decision doesn't come often.   

My poor mother who came into the city with me and who is more frugal then me (how do you think I became that way) was stuck with hearing me justify my need for this purchase.  She didn't really question it, maybe she thought it was one of those art things that she was just going to take my word on.   The supportive mother she is, went along with it and watched as I had the Gagosian staff search for their remaining stock of fabric panels, so I could choose one to take home.  I decided on this yellow number, because of the lace detail, yellow color, and hint of pink (a color I am growing very fond of, which would of made my younger tomboy self cringe).  Later my mom being the bargain hunter that she is, told me that she was going to ask the staff for a discount since it was from a past show I told her how thankful I was that she didn't...If she had I would of possibly let out a teenage whining voice that said "mommmmmmm" and emphasized that she was being totally uncool.


Technically it is meant to be cut out and resewn as a dress, but I like it in the panel form and plan to hang it on the wall as is.  Thank god for an artist husband who doesn't mind it being hung above the couch.  

After I bought it I thought about this as my first designer purchase and how backwards a purchase it be hung on the wall and not even worn on the streets.  Oh well, maybe my second purchase will be a more functional item.  

For now I am any ideas how to frame fabric :)  stretch it like a canvas?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alexander Mcqueen, Spring 1999

When I was home a few weeks ago I was fortunate to go see the Mcqueen show at the MET with my mom.  It was so amazing and moving!  The ambiance was like I had never witnessed before in an art show.  One gets so use to seeing art surrounded by white walls and silence, this show was the complete opposite.  The music and overall look of the show really held my attention and helped me to stay in the moment, which if you know me isn't the easiest thing for me to do.  It was great to see everyday people admiring his work.  I'm sure the ambiance helped them stay present too and not rush, but slowly take in the show.  The show offered non-fashion people a chance (possibly the first chance) to experience fashion as an art form.  I wish I had paid the extra money for the headphones that offered additional information while you walk through.  There was so much to look at within the show, that at the end I was exhausted.  I wish I had the time to go back to NYC and see it again.    

The above look was exhibited in the show and was accompanied by a video of the dress being created.  The construction of the dress is amazing, I love the back and how its synched in with a belt causing the front to bellow out, which you can't see in this drawing so you might as well check out the video below to see what I mean.  If you are going to be in NY go see this show, seriously unforgettable.  

Monday, July 18, 2011

Anna Sui, Spring 2011

This past weekend I got to celebrate my 30th birthday with friends in Chicago.  It was a very relaxing fun time hanging out on the beach lazy like.  I was planning on posting a style memory look based on what I wore as a child on one of my birthdays, but the majority of my photos are on the east coast and without the photos I have no idea what I wore.  Have you ever wondered what would you actually remember without photos to trigger it?  So instead, I dreamed up what runway look would I wear to my BBQ birthday party.  I would definitely be over dressed for the event and no doubt would drop ketchup on it, but I think I would have to wear this Anna Sui number.  It seems light and breezy and the crown of flowers could substitute for a birthday hat.  Love the 20's feel, gorgeous.

Dear Ms.  Sui as we know you are an avid reader of this blog and before you feel bad for forgetting just know its never too late to send me a birthday present...have your assistant call mine.  ciao, Seeley

Friday, July 15, 2011

Street Style, Chicago: 2011

Went to a Burger fest this past weekend, no one really stood out except for this little lady.  I love that for her a butterfly collar is the perfect thing to wear when eating a burger.  Very Janeane Garofalo from Reality Bites.  

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Spring 2011

" Mam tells us there was a terrible flood, that the rain came down the lane and poured in under our door.  They tried to stop it with rags but they only turned sopping wet and let the rain in.  People emptying thier buckets made it worse  and there was a sickening stink in the kitchen.  She thinks we should stay upstairs as long as there is rain.  We’ll be warm through the winter months, and then we can go downstairs in the springtime if there is any sign of a dryness in the walls or the floor.  Dad says its’s like going on our holidays to a warm foreign place like Italy, That’s what we’ll call the upstairs from now on, Italy. " Angela's Ashes, p. 96

I find myself thinking of Angela’s Ashes and this particular passage while in my apartment these last few sweltering days.  To combat the heat Peter and I have been living in half our apartment with the AC running.  Luckily, a hallway door can be closed to make this possible.  Our AC unit could never cool down the whole place, so this set up makes our apartment comfortable,  boy does it make a difference!  I have been avoiding the kitchen and other half of the apartment, which is humid and might as well be India.  I think I will name our new little apartment, Alaska.  

Above is the perfect look to wear while living in Alaska.  Its breathable and a bit tribal, the kind of combination you need when you are living in only a portion of your apartment.  

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Street Style, Washington D.C. Spring 2011

Not only did I go to Maine, but I also found myself in D.C. last week attending, presenting, and selling comics at AATA national conference.  It was my first time presenting at the national conference and my first time ever selling comics, both experiences caused me to be excited and nervous at the same time.  Below are some shots of my wares.  I made a "kit and kaboodle" kit, which included 5 art therapy themed comics.  I was so happy when I sold out of these.  I think the best part of the experience was seeing people read the comic and hearing how they relate to them.  It reaffirmed for me that what I thought were personal feelings, thoughts, and questions are really universal and relatable to most.  I am inspired to make more!   If you can't wait to get your hands on my goods, check out my etsy store.

I kept reminding myself to not focus on sales, but to be proud of the fact that I made it to this point.  Two years ago when I started this series, I never knew where it would take me...I still don't, but I am enjoying the journey.

Another first in D.C. was seeing some killer style.  I always associated D.C. with suits and was surprised to see some girls walking around with a sense of style worthy of this blog (I kid, I kid more like worthy of Sartorialist).  Friends and I went for a marathon walk around the Mall and other monuments.  I saw the above number while visiting the Lincoln Memorial.  The wearer was speaking french and apparently has a thing for stripes and bows.  

out of focus...sorry.  I was so excited when I had my first sale that I took a picture of me and my amazing first customer (recent SAIC grad)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

rodarte in upstate NY

Something I have been playing around with...inserting the character into the scene that I am writing about.  Let me know what you think of the idea.  Are you a fan of the all white image or do you like this added layer?

Rodarte, Spring 2011

This dress is the perfect dress to show when talking about my recent vacation to Maine.  Yes I know Maine is a far cry from Northern California, which inspired the Mulleavy sister's Spring show, but its still an earthy place.  I swear I found myself breathing in the air and finding it not only smelling great, but tasting great.  Chicago doesn't have air like that.  I think its the mix of air, mountain views, and nothing to do that always heals me and returns me back to the real world feelings like weights have been lifted.  It always leaves me wondering could this feelings of internal peace be ever felt outside of vacation? I am still working on figuring that one out.

Isn't the light and view amazing!  Dig how I took a nap in a bed of pine needles with a camera around my neck :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Street Style, Chicago Spring 2011

Back in Chicago, I feel like I have been gone for months. I'm not sure why this look makes me think of Henri Rousseau's paintings, but it enjoy as I get back into the swing of things and create more looks and drawings.  Thanks to all in D.C. for the support if anything that conference reminded me how universal thoughts can be and how even simple drawings can make connections.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Street Style, Chicago Spring 2011

tucked in tank top, puffed out boxers, black socks with sandals...all color coordinated, you can't make this stuff up.  This look is a great example of how the combination of items and how they are worn makes up one's style.  How by choosing to tilt, sag, and tuck changes standard items of clothing into a style choice.  

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

G star, Spring 2011

I am digging the cinched waist with pink belt.  Today I am off to an art therapy conference to talk about creativity in the work place and sell some comics.  What a stressful, exciting process.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Spring 2011

I remember debating whether I should draw this look, since it is technically a men's look and then deciding if I like the look who cares who it is made for.  So this is a nod to the tomboy in me who loves the colorful shoes, satchel, and tucked in grey sweatshirt.  I have been muling over this idea of androgyny in one's style and this look works well with my current internal monologue.  While we are on the subject let us look at Jean Seberg who appears to have effortlessly found a balance between feminine, male features/style.  Her look makes me want to cut all my hair off again, which wouldn't be that much of change, since my hair is short as it is.  I don't think I will ever have the patience necessary to grow my hair out.



Friday, July 1, 2011

Street Style, Chicago Spring 2011

This was an adorable site at the lake a couple of weeks ago.  This little girl was jumping in the frigid water of Michigan Lake and brought along what I assume is her favorite stuffed animal.  The tiger was all soaking wet and she looked like she was having a blast.  Great style and attitude must be documented.