Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vivienne Westwood Red Label, Spring 2011

" Mam tells us there was a terrible flood, that the rain came down the lane and poured in under our door.  They tried to stop it with rags but they only turned sopping wet and let the rain in.  People emptying thier buckets made it worse  and there was a sickening stink in the kitchen.  She thinks we should stay upstairs as long as there is rain.  We’ll be warm through the winter months, and then we can go downstairs in the springtime if there is any sign of a dryness in the walls or the floor.  Dad says its’s like going on our holidays to a warm foreign place like Italy, That’s what we’ll call the upstairs from now on, Italy. " Angela's Ashes, p. 96

I find myself thinking of Angela’s Ashes and this particular passage while in my apartment these last few sweltering days.  To combat the heat Peter and I have been living in half our apartment with the AC running.  Luckily, a hallway door can be closed to make this possible.  Our AC unit could never cool down the whole place, so this set up makes our apartment comfortable,  boy does it make a difference!  I have been avoiding the kitchen and other half of the apartment, which is humid and might as well be India.  I think I will name our new little apartment, Alaska.  

Above is the perfect look to wear while living in Alaska.  Its breathable and a bit tribal, the kind of combination you need when you are living in only a portion of your apartment.  

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