Monday, July 18, 2011

Anna Sui, Spring 2011

This past weekend I got to celebrate my 30th birthday with friends in Chicago.  It was a very relaxing fun time hanging out on the beach lazy like.  I was planning on posting a style memory look based on what I wore as a child on one of my birthdays, but the majority of my photos are on the east coast and without the photos I have no idea what I wore.  Have you ever wondered what would you actually remember without photos to trigger it?  So instead, I dreamed up what runway look would I wear to my BBQ birthday party.  I would definitely be over dressed for the event and no doubt would drop ketchup on it, but I think I would have to wear this Anna Sui number.  It seems light and breezy and the crown of flowers could substitute for a birthday hat.  Love the 20's feel, gorgeous.

Dear Ms.  Sui as we know you are an avid reader of this blog and before you feel bad for forgetting just know its never too late to send me a birthday present...have your assistant call mine.  ciao, Seeley

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