Monday, July 25, 2011

Vivienne Westwood, Spring 2011

My homestead day dreams did not cease this weekend, in fact they have grown more distracting and delightful.  Nothing productive happened today except for pouring over garden and farming books.  The fact that I am able to sit and read for a whole afternoon is a luxury and something I will dream about doing one day when I am tending my fields and livestock :)  I was dreaming so much that when it was time to work on this blog I felt really torn and not really in the mood...that is until I realized I could bring fashion into my day dream.  So while listening to a homestead podcast I drew and colored my looks for the week.  I picked my looks based on the farm chores I would do in them.  This is the "hello, welcome to my homestead" look.  I am really pleased with the combination of the look and vintage photo.   This vintage photo (and the rest of the photos used this week) are from a cigar box full of vintage photos that I bought (for 20 bucks) when I lived in Rochester, score!  I always think of the old lady I bought them from and if her children or grandchildren were ever pissed that she sold off the family photos.  Well they are well loved and being repurposed (its the homestead way) so that should make the family happy.  

On the back of the photo it reads: "This is Jack's cabin he has taken a homestead of his own now and this is where they live by themselves while they build their home about 30 miles from mother.  I wish it was our's dear they have 160 acres. The dog is another's."

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