Thursday, July 21, 2011

Theater Products, Spring 2011

The modern victorian girl. Why does Japanese fashion make my heart pitter patter so much?  I really need to get on a plane and see that country with my own eyes.  Japan is on my list of top 3 places I would visit if time and money were no object.    

So its officially summer when I have my annual summer day dream about being a farmer.  I am fully aware that this day dream is just a romantic concept of farming and I'm ok with that.  The worse thing that could happen to this day dream is to ACTUALLY become a farmer and be stuck with all the hard work!

In this romantic day dream I get to feed chickens feed from my turned up apron while saying "here chick, chick".  I also have enough time to grow and supply my family with all the food needed for a year.  And in honor of this post I have decided that I also would farm in this above look.  I'm sure it is perfect for the farm, look no sun in my eyes with the very practical hat! The hat may be the only farm-practicle item, but thats ok this is a day dream after all.  

On an art note, all this talk of farming makes me think of one of the most beautiful series of photographs called "Mennonites" by Larry Towell.  Towell spent 10 years photographing mennonites in Canada and Mexico.  I went to his lecture in college and it sticks out as one of the best...he played a saw and read his poetry.  As a young budding artist, I found his lecture so inspiring.  The book created for the series is one of the most beautiful art books I own, I highly recommend it!  When I find myself surrounded by contemporary art there is nothing like resting my head and rediscovering the beauty in documentary photography.  I'm sure some contemporary art philosopher would argue a more complex reason for Towell's work, but its not needed.  Amazing storytelling.  Amazing compositions.  

all photos from magnum photos site

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  1. you HAVE to ready The Dirty Life. I'm reading it good. NYC woman falls in love with a farmer and leaves the city for good