Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cynthia Rowley, Fall 2010

Ok my last post about being home (I promise).  It just was a week of firsts

1) First time (last time) I turned 30
2) First time selling comics
3) First time presenting at the national art therapy conference
4) First Iphone
5) First time seeing a Mcqueen dress in person
6) First time teaching my nephews and niece how to catch lightening bugs

and one more first, which is relevant to this blog....

7) First designer purchase!

Over a year ago Cynthia Rowley collaborated with Gagosian Gallery where she had some of her runway looks photographed and then superimposed on fabric.  I was really taken by the idea and the discussion it brought up about the current state of fashion, appropriation, and the speed that information is handed to us.  All this thinking in one dress, it really symbolized for me fashion as art, which at its best it is.  So a season later I found myself in NYC (to see the Mcqueen show) and finally decided that I had thought about it long enough and that I was going to get one of the fabric panels!  I am a frugal gal, so this kind of decision doesn't come often.   

My poor mother who came into the city with me and who is more frugal then me (how do you think I became that way) was stuck with hearing me justify my need for this purchase.  She didn't really question it, maybe she thought it was one of those art things that she was just going to take my word on.   The supportive mother she is, went along with it and watched as I had the Gagosian staff search for their remaining stock of fabric panels, so I could choose one to take home.  I decided on this yellow number, because of the lace detail, yellow color, and hint of pink (a color I am growing very fond of, which would of made my younger tomboy self cringe).  Later my mom being the bargain hunter that she is, told me that she was going to ask the staff for a discount since it was from a past show I told her how thankful I was that she didn't...If she had I would of possibly let out a teenage whining voice that said "mommmmmmm" and emphasized that she was being totally uncool.


Technically it is meant to be cut out and resewn as a dress, but I like it in the panel form and plan to hang it on the wall as is.  Thank god for an artist husband who doesn't mind it being hung above the couch.  

After I bought it I thought about this as my first designer purchase and how backwards a purchase it be hung on the wall and not even worn on the streets.  Oh well, maybe my second purchase will be a more functional item.  

For now I am any ideas how to frame fabric :)  stretch it like a canvas?

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