Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Salvatore Ferragamo, Spring 2011

"Massimiliano Giornetti said his second women's collection for Salvatore Ferragamo was inspired by Jacques Deray's late-sixties movie La Piscine. "But I didn't want nostalgia," he said, "just the vibration of that moment. I want to go back to that free-spirit, bohemian, gypsy attitude.", Nicole Phelps

After reading the above description I went on a hunt to see if any artists have been making work based on the gypsy culture and it turns out that Ian McKell ,known for his fashion photography, has a new book out call "The New Gypsies".  Over the past decade he has documented a group of gypsies (not related to the Roma) who left London in search of a more self reliant life, leaving the contemporary world behind.  Think of it as that friend you have that always is talking about self reliance and wants to have chickens in the city and multiple that by 100, thats how extreme you got to be to leave the world you know behind and live in a caravan.  If I traveled with this group of gypsies I would play on my ipad under the covers so they didn't know I was still attached to contemporary life. Below are some images from the series.  You can also check out the series on Ian McKell's website

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