Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Style Memory: Land of Make Believe, 6yrs old

About the time when I decided to start drawing street style I got the idea to also begin a series on style-memory, outfits that are engrained in my memory.  This is one of my earlier style memories.  I wore this outfit on a school trip to Land of Make Believe.  I can remember fighting my mom all morning to allow me to wear these shorts.  I was a budding tot with individual style, I kept harping and whining, until I guess my mom decided it wasn't worth the struggle.  She suggested the white shirt, to balance out the shorts and to make it a little less embarrassing for her, since she was a chaperone.  I think somewhere in the attic these shorts still exist, I hope so...I kind of want to find them and put them on the wall as art.  Mom if your reading this can you find them, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.

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