Friday, May 27, 2011

Matthew Williamson, Spring 2011

Earlier in the week I wrote about a Ackermann dress, which I described as perfect for a shipwreck.  When I was brainstorming what to say about this dress  I was surprised to see that Williamson was going for a marooned on a deserted island feel. 
                   "My storyboard is a girl marooned on a deserted island," he said. "She has 
                    her Western wardrobe, and over time she becomes one with nature, picking 
                    up organic textures and materials.", Meenal Mistry

Could this dress and the Ackermann dress live on the same island and belong to the same girl?  This doesn't have the same rugged feel, more a walk on the beach kind of feel.  Based on survival and if wearing a dress could determine such things...I think I would stick with the Ackermann dress.  This one is more for the girl who thinks she is deserted and then realizes she is a on a private island with a 5 star hotel, which doesn't make me love this dress any less...I just don't think it would help me survive.  In its favor, it's pattern and use of color is amazing, and when I was getting really depressed being alone on an island, this pattern would give me more visual pleasure.  

What do you think Ackermann or Williamson for ultimate island survival?  

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