Thursday, May 19, 2011

Street Style, Chicago Spring 2011

I stalked this Dick Blick worker, so I could study his look, which is hard to do without looking obvious.  Stalk is probably a strong word...I only spent a few minutes doing it, not like I stalked him for days or anything. I was just really mesmerized by his bangs, that covered his eyes and I don't know how he saw anything.  Plus he had on patchwork denim pants...I don't see many of those these days.  

All this talk about stalking makes me think of Sophie Calle.  One of my favorite photographers.  I guess you could sum up her work as looking at identity, documenting, and intimacy.  In her early work she would follow strangers around Paris and photograph them.  She was interested in thinking about and trying to figure out her subjects identities based on the information and choices they made.  


I think there is a similar dream like thinking that I do when I spot some street style that I feel compelled to drawing.  I find myself looking for clues in their style choices for glimpses of their identity.  If you had to dream up an identity for a 20 something who's eyes are covered by bangs and who likes wearing patchwork denim pants what would it be?????  If anything I think he would be in a band.

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