Monday, May 9, 2011

Jonathan Saunders, Spring 2011

Splash of color in a otherwise plain shirt, yes please!  I don't strive to be a "gorgeous picture-postcard beauty (read quote below to understand reference), but something in the belly of my tomboy existence was drawn to Jonathan Saunder's spring collection.  The only guess I have is the use of color, as we know I am a sucker for color.

"Jonathan Saunders knew what he didn't want for Spring: androgyny and any reference to the seventies. Instead, he was looking at what he called "the gorgeous picture-postcard beauty" of the women in Erwin Blumenfeld's fashion photography of the forties and fifties, and, from the same period, the pure, sporty femininity of Claire McCardell's designs." TIm Blanks,

Don't know who Erwin Blumenfeld is well look no further....In short he was a photographer who eventually took many fashion photographs for Vogue and such.  Here is one of his images that I thought was reminiscent of the above look. 

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