Tuesday, May 17, 2011

House of Holland, Spring 2011

Based on reading one review, which really isn't enough research to state this, but I don't think the critics were fond of this collection or at least not a 100%.  It was cooky, but thats why it stood out for me.

"Then again, part of Holland's profitable shtick is the way he pushes the boundaries of bad taste to both enjoyable...even when the Holland girl is dressed to be bad, he finds a way to make her feel good". style.com, Meenal Mistry 

The color of this dress reminds me of the lilac bushes that grow back at my parent's place.  The other day I was hit by the sense of being home.  I looked around and noticed there was a lilac bush blooming.  It didn't feel right that I was smelling home all the way in Chicago, I was tempted to take a few clippings, so I could smell home all week.

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