Thursday, May 5, 2011

Street Style, Chicago Spring 2011

This past weekend was a busy weekend for artsy people in Chicago.  Not only was it SAIC's MFA opening, but it also was Art Chicago, an art fair where you can look and buy art from around the world.  It is insanely overwhelming and can only get more insane by being a mad women and not only trying to soak up the art, but also make sure to document and take note of any unusual style.  I saw this guy a couple of times and finally thought it was divine intervention who wanted me to take notice.  He really confused me because he wore a motorcycle helmet the whole time.  Is it possible that he, like me is growing out his hair and is embarrassed by the in between stage?  Also why did he only have on one red sock?  Strange thing, but some how he fit right in at Art Chicago, there is truly a place for everyone in this world, which reminds me of a classic song from "Pete's Dragon".

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