Friday, April 8, 2011

Marc by Marc Jacob, Spring 2011

My short curly hair looks like a hot mess.  Its kind of bride of frankenstein.  Here is what the experts have to say "Alongside a lovely selection of full-skirted, even demure, sundresses (the last outfit was irresistible) was a new take on the sweater girl (purest rah-rah when he belted a navy jumper over short shorts)"., Tim Blanks

On another note I figured out my "drawing someone running" dilemma. First I had to muster up some patience, easier said then done and then I took out my trusty pencil with an eraser.  Five years ago I would never have the patience to use a pencil, too time consuming.  If as you read this you question how an eraser could be at all time consuming then you don't understand how little patience I can have.  Eventually quality trumped time and I began drawing with a pencil and then used pen over that, which is what I currently do for my fashion comics.  Below is an example of when I first started drawing comics and now.  The kid-like style is still there, but it has become a lot cleaner.  My goal is too be as descriptive as I can be with the fewest lines.   
I continue to hate the process of improving, but I have to admit it does feel satisfying to look back and see how far I have come.  To show myself that time can change things and practice can change things I recently reattempted to draw Jughead.  It was a fast sketch, but I think I could do it if I tried and if I took the time to use a pencil, which I didn't do.  So now I need to go back in time and tell my sad little kid self that maybe not today, but one day you will be able to draw Jughead, relax...practice...and be kind to yourself throughout the process.   

left real Jughead, Right my quick sketch.

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