Wednesday, April 20, 2011

artist-slumber party

If I played Skeleton’s in the Closet at an artists-sleepover, my revealing news would be, I quickly right off most art.  If it doesn’t interest me in 2 seconds I am not going to spend any more time trying to get it. It is this type of thinking when it becomes perfectly clear to me that I don’t have an MFA.  I’m not sure how it happens but in grad school it appears that one grows the ability to have invisible trust in the art, to accept it or at least spend time looking and trying to accept it. That is a magical, mystical power to have.  At times I have this power, but its not consistent. 

Maybe my trouble isn’t my lack of an MFA or patience…its my narrow definition of what should be in a gallery.  If I get dressed up to go to a gallery, I go with the hopes of feeling inspired (and getting free wine and cheese), but so often I feel uninspired.  Which then leads to me thinking its bullshit, which then leads to me questioning the pricing, which then leads me to wondering how this got in a gallery to begin with.

I just had a MFA-furry-lovable-guy read this post and he says “People viewing art may all have the same gut reaction, but its how one articulates their gut reaction that makes the difference”.  He also added that its about time I get over my “lacking an MFA complex”.

More art commentary to come…In the mean time what skeleton would you reveal at an artist-sleepover?


  1. dang, i'm right there with you. is it also my lack of an MFA?? who knows. having grown up around Art People my entire life, and then spending four years of undergrad in total art sauce mode, i have little patience for the majority of "art" and Art People. when i go out to gallery crawls in Portland with people who didn't go to art school they always want me to explain things to them, like i must have some appreciation for a bunch of crap since i have a degree... they don't consider the possibility their "uneducated" lack of interest in the "art" is completely justified, not to mention shared by me. but i still go, eat the free cheese, and wait for those times i AM inspired and totally blown away. did you watch Exit Through The Gift Shop, by the way, speaking of it all being bullshit?

  2. "justified lack of interest", good point Agnes. You summed it up well. I haven't seen that movie yet, but I am going to put it on my netflix list. thanks for commenting! It always brightens up my work day when I get to pause and shift gears into my fantasy blog world.