Tuesday, April 19, 2011

David Koma, Spring 2011

This past weekend when I was ranting at an artist’s price sheet (10,000 dollars for rocks and string on the floor). I was quickly reminded to not just throw an artist under the bus for their over priced objects and was told a story with an art-moral to help the drive the point home.  Once upon a time there was this artist who was selling crude drawings for 5,000 dollars a women went up to this artist and said “How long does it take to draw this?” The artist replied “about two hours”.  The women then said “how can you charge 5,000 dollars for a drawing that only took two hours?”  The artist replied, “because this drawing took me 33 years to make.”

Do you see the art lesson in the story? I am currently repricing my drawings to now match my new theory on how 29 years of insecurity make these fashion comics possible.  It’s a nice theory, but its not going to become artistic law anytime soon in my book.

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