Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Two weeks ago I wrote about my love for Frieda Kahlo inspired hair do’s, since my hair is not long enough I have not been able to try it out for myself.  However, if I was to be fully honest EVEN if my hair was long enough I don’t know if I would try it,  Its one thing to walk around in the comfort and security of my house, but another to take it to the streets.  This cautious part of my personality is something I have been trying to challenge lately because it feels less like Its protecting and more like its constraining me.  The powers that be must of known I needed a little shove in the “go get them” department because when I got my hair cut this past weekend I was approached in the salon to see if I wanted feathers put in my hair.  The cautious side asked “is it permenant” and they replied no, which made me believe they must be feathers placed on a barrette.  It wasn’t until I was getting feathers placed in my hair that I realized they were there to stay….at least for a while.  I did not have the safety of a barrette and the choice to remove them and was only told that eventually they would come out.  Many thoughts went through my head, such as what will they think at work? 
At home I liked my feathers, but I debated whether I should take them out (some how), so I didn’t have to risk the questions or disapproval looks at work.  Instead I had a pep talk with myself and decided that these feathers were brought into my life for a reason, to challenge my cautious side and take chances showing my artsy side.
I’m not going to lie it was nerve racking walking in.  But to my surprise people liked them and I got a lot of compliments.  The lesson that I learned was, yes at times it makes sense to listen to the cautious voice, but when it completely shuts out the little art voice – that’s not good either.   
So Today’s challenge dear 16 followers, is to challenge your cautious voice and try and listen to that creative voice that says “go for it”.  Its scary, but you will be practicing being true to yourself, which will bring more happiness then hiding and just surviving. 

More on this topic to come…

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