Thursday, April 14, 2011

artist identity

My parallel worlds are colliding this week, just as I was stressing about feathers being attached to my hair, I have been preparing to present (with Lesley Hawley) at Mount Mary’s Art Therapy Symposium.  The title of our presentation is “Sustaining Creativity: Invigorating Your Therapy Practice by Maintaining Your Artistic Connection”.  Basically how can you use your artist identity to inform your art therapy practice. 

The whole point of the lecture is to challenge the audience to identify aspects of their artist personality/interests that they can bring to the work place.  It’s funny that I am lecturing on such a topic and at the same time stressing about feathers in my hair. 

So I am going to take some of my own advice and listen to the support and much needed slap-back-to-reality from my two supervisors, Barb and Lesley, and start really focusing on how I can bring even more of my artist identity to work.  Nurtured artist equals happy therapist.  Time to go get more feathers put in my hair.

Some images of the oh so cool and artsy Bower bird. picture from here.  If you had to be reincarnated this wouldn't be a bad choice, that is if you get a choice.

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  1. Hi :) My name is Elena and I was at your presentation at Mt. Mary. LOVED it, you and Lesley did great! Thank you.