Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Bonnet MIA

What happened to the Easter Bonnet?  Can't Americans dress up for anything?  In general we are such a boring tribe and I think its getting worse.  I predict that our lack of style runs parallel to our increase eating of fake-processed-instant food.  We don't realize our food tastes blah, just like we don't realize that our style says blah.

This past Sunday at Easter Mass, my above prediction was all around me.  While I was secretly excited to see some killer Easter attire, I was extremely let down by the lack of color and hats!  Most people had on black, and I only saw one Easter bonnet on some squirmy girl. 

At the initial time of writing this I was awaiting the arrival of dinner guests to celebrate Easter and to my surprise and delight Maurene wore a bonnet.  Not technically a bonnet, but it was sassy and filled my need to see something marvelous on top of one's head.  Thanks Maurene.  I have already decided that next years Easter dinner will have mandatory hat wearing and if you don't have a hat we will have a hat making craft area with feathers, glue, flowers, and bedazzling things. 

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