Monday, April 25, 2011

Givenchy Couture, SS 2011

If I had known that the processed-instant-style congregation was not going to have some true Easter attire spirit I would have asked Givenchy if could borrow the look below.  I'm not sure what would get me more looks, the hat or see through top, but I would be willing to take the risk, to get us back to wearing some Easter bonnets and actually dressing up for a change.

Side note: If you watched the Oscars this year, Cate Blanchett wore a dress from this collection.  It got mixed reviews, because it was not the typical Oscar dress.  She took a risk, but she should of gone full over the top by wearing the above number. 

image from here

please note a fashion typology first of exposed cartoon breasts.  Even though its just a drawing, I am a shy girl and showing myself in cartoon form with my breasts exposed is anxiety provoking, but if any look deserved to be drawn as is, this one does.  I need a tshirt that says "I'll show my breasts for Givenchy"

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