Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tokuko, SS 2011

I got a bone to pick with Style.com, who doesn't cover Copenhagen or Tokyo fashion week.  I always take a minute to look because a lot of the designs are more artsy and less trying to make wearable daywear.  Its really annoying because I have to hunt for coverage (thank god for google).  
Going with this weeks theme, how could I refuse a look that has buns and braids with ribbons!  If I was a hermit and you went to search for me I could be found barefoot with braided ribbons in my hair.  A word of warning, approach me slowly and throw food and color pencils, so I know you mean no harm. 

So of course funky hair do's make me think of Frida and Leia, but it was really cool to come across Miao tribe, which lives in SW China.  They have a traditional hair-do called the "longhorn".  

"On special occasions and during festivals, the women construct an elaborate headpiece utilizing the clan's namesake long horn. These horns are first fixed to the women's real hair, then a highly structured decorative bun of linen, wool and ancestral hair are wrapped in a figure eight around the horn. The hair is then secured to the horn by a geometric white ribbon. This headdress, together with the native costumes, composes the standard attire for festival season."pilotguide.com by Amy Jurries

While it might be a hassle to sit by someone on a plane wearing the longhorn hair do, its so cool and puts the vegas show girl's head pieces to shame.

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