Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Designskolen Kolding, SS 2011

From the name I think you can guess this look come from Copenhagen's fashion week.  Kolding School of Design puts out the show, unfortunately I could not find the name of this designer.  So if you know let me know (avid 15 readers)  Seriously if you read this blog and are not a follower, just push that follow button and know that you will warm my heart at the thought of someone paying attention.

The shy girl in me blushes at the thought of wearing this outfit in real life.  The red under layer is very web like, and the texture obsessed lover of fiber art in me finds it hard to resist.   I can't help but think that some where a Granny who crochets beautiful items for her grandkids also makes seductive crochet outfits.  Below is Crystal Gregory who creates web-like fiber creations.

Crystal Gregory (image from her site), calls her series "the invasive crochet series".  Now that I know the title I love it more.  She goes around and crochets in urban areas, similar to yarn bombing.

Yesterday I was talking about being a hidden hermit with ribbons in my braids.  I believe I would also have a crocheted fence to mark my territory.

Do you ever dream of a hermit life?  I can't be the only one.


  1. Seeley, this post is so beautiful. Yes, I dream of a hermit life! Sometimes I even live it a little, though my manner of doing so isn't always so healthy for me. Thank you for the introduction to Crystal Gregory's work. I have been crocheting weblike structures for awhile now. They will be one piece. Now they hang down from my ceiling, above my bed. I like looking at them. Sometimes my apartment feels like a giant crocheted cocoon, that I've populated with beings that are mostly friends but occasionally scare the sh** out of me.

    Your comics are wonderful. I would actually really love to read/absorb a graphic novel from of yours.

  2. Thanks Rachel. A book is my future plan. I still am working on my graphic novel about Peter and me so many things are in the works. I plan to put mini zines on etsy, if I could just have more energy after work they would be there.

    Comments help me to realize someone is reading this...I don't want to let down my public, so I will try and move faster.

    Post images of your apartment, sounds amazing. One day I would love a puffy crocheted cloud hanging from my ceiling.