Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Comic Symposium

This past week I went to a comic symposium hosted by SAIC where I hoped to learn how other comic artists get their work out there to the masses.  It was a panel discussion, which proved to be some what annoying and I really wished they just had one person speak about their experience from A to Z.  None the less attending got me thinking about  how I have to stop putting it off and start putting my stuff out there via a website and etsy.  It was very inspiring to see artists and small time presses be able to devote their day to their art work.  I hope that I too will be able to take that leap of faith and through hard work follow in their footsteps.

So I have been thinking of how this blog will change and if I should add new posts of my other work and slim down the fashion component, since that not the whole picture.  What do you think?

I don't want this to be just another style/fashion blog.  Do we really need more of those?  This series started as a way for me to play with and explore my feminine side, which tends to hide after a lifetime of being a tomboy and not wanting to bring attention to myself (anxiety provoking).  But some how that focus gets lost when I begin writing about the designers and why I picked each look.  Maybe a simple change in what I write will help the readers (all 15, follow if you don't already) take something deeper from these illustrations.

So you are at the start of an adventure.  You are a gold card's member of this blog who has been here from the beginning.  If I ever make it big I will take you to Australia like Oprah did with her audience.  Thanks for sticking around and following as I try to navigate this blog.  Stay tuned and any comments, thoughts, or suggestions would be appreciated.

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