Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Basso & Brooke, Spring 2011

I was going through an art history book and Rauschenberg's Canyon stuck out for me and I thought of this dress.  Maybe its just the color scheme, but they also share a similar feeling rugged, rough, pieced together, and composition wise perfect.  In other words both are beautiful, but not necessarily in a  tradition way.

here is what the experts have to say: "By virtue of the baseline maximalist nature of their digital prints, you'd never classify Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke's work as minimal. But today's collection had a real kind of serenity. Brooke stripped silhouettes of nearly every bit of excess detail. Nearly". style.com,  Meenal Mistry  

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  1. I love to see what you associate with each dress. I SOOO see it too!