Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rochas, Spring 2011

Blind man glasses, knee highs, flowy skirt, and printed jacket....sold!  Marco Zanini collaborated with Slotts Barbro a swedish artist  to make prints for Rochas's spring line.  Maybe that explains why I was drawn to the collection, the inner swede in me was connecting with Barbro's bow to Scandinavia.  Here is what the pro's have to say about the collaboration: "Six months ago, he got in touch with her about putting her work on his runway; the paintings he commissioned were then captured on silk and transformed by artisans in Como, Italy, where they know how to do such things. Which is how it happened that at the Rochas show, the striking patterns employed had a definite Scandinavian air of what might be called sophisticated naïveté".  Lynn Yaeger,

                                                                 close up of real jacket

Here is a picture of Barbro doing her thing.  note the VERY swedish sweater, which reminds me of...

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