Friday, February 11, 2011

Stella McCartney, Resort 2011

Ok, going to try something new with the blog...I'm going to try my hand at writing and letting you guys know why I was drawn to and drew each outfit.  I might even write about other things, who knows...this is officially a test, so come along for the ride.

Ooohh Stella...not only do I love your name and your dad's once united band, but I also love your resort line.  What stood out for me and what I wish I could have hanging in my closet was the blue dress I already posted and this little number.  A large floral-print jacket with matching shorts.  Where could I wear this I don't know, but I think Chicago needs this outfit to contrast the piles of snow.  

Ok not exactly a review you would see in Vogue, but I am not an editor and I don't even want to tell you what I got on the english part of the SAT's...if you are desiring to know what the pro's thought here is a link and snippet:   "Resort is an optimistic, hopeful season for McCartney. "I love early spring; everything's alive again and growing," she said. "I think the clothes reflect that." Micro-shifts came splashed with lush botanical prints...", Nicole Phelps

If you are desiring to buy these outfits and actually have the cash flow and or don't mind credit card debt click on the link, which will send you to Stella McCartney's website.

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