Monday, February 14, 2011

Kenzo, Resort 2011


I was drawn to Kenzo's flowy silhouettes and their use of floral prints.  The looks are a welcome relief from the drab/cold winter.  Now if only I had the guts to wear a scarf on my head.  Thats whats great about can get away with wearing anything. 

Here is a snippet of what the experts have to say:  

"It's a big anniversary year for the label, and Marras looked back to Kenzo Takada's earliest work almost four decades ago, when the Japanese designer was busy injecting color and spirit into the uptight Parisian fashion scene.", Tim Blanks

To see the full collection and read the rest of the review visit

By the way...Happy Valentines Day

any plans?  at the time that I am writing this we don't have any. I have inundated Peter with suggestion for what he could get me, including a 4,000 dollar Stella McCartney Dress. :)  Its the blue dress that I drew myself in on my blog a week ago

The past two years we have gone to Yoshi's Cafe, which is soooooooo yummy.

I was looking for a youtube video to post for the occasion and typed in the word
"heart", which brought up the band and made me think of when the Decemberists did a Heart amazing!  ps. I wish I could sing like that girl with the short hair....maybe I can and I just haven't tried.  hold on.........Nope, Peter confirms that I don't sound like that girl

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