Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring Summer 2011.....go

Today marks the first SS 2011 post.  Looking out my window I know it couldn't come at a better time.  The process of narrowing down and showing the looks started out as a whatever I was feeling in the moment.  For this new season, I really focused on my choices and the order of the looks.  I started out with over 400 looks and finally narrowed it down to around 120.  Here are some pictures documenting the editing process.

 trying to organize the looks into some sort of sequence....The most annoying part was when the cat would come in and decide to lay on top, hence why I moved to the table below.

 a pile of discarded looks.  It wasn't always easy

 The final edit. layed out and sequenced for the coming months

I hope you enjoy the edit.  It was hard work, but I think it makes this blog and project stronger. Now if only I could nail down what this is all about and why I feel compelled to do it.

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