Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jenny Fax, Fall 2011

We had just gotten to the beach and staked out our plot and I looked over and saw these two girls perfectly posed.  I quickly got my camera out, ignoring Peter's concern that I was going to get sand on it and snapped the picture before they moved.  score!

Here is the conversation between my character and the two girls:

Character just gets to the beach and her mom encourages her to play with other little girls.  Character is mortified at the thought but with her head down approaches the girls.  The girls look up and Character says "Hi want to play?" Little girls look at each other, which Character takes as rejection.  One pipes up and says "what are you wearing, you look like the sun rise". Character smiles and says its Jenny Fax.  The other girl pats the sand next to her inviting Character to join in the fun.  Character has a great day at the beach and covers her Jenny Fax look in sand, just as Ms Fax would like to see, someone living in the moment and making friends in her clothes.  

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