Thursday, October 27, 2011

louis vuitton spring 2012

It's not cause I'm not making, I just don't want to post work for the sake of posting.  I have been drawing lots and need some background photos, so I will shoot some this weekend.  While you wait you can watch this video of Vuitton's spring runway show...amazing!

As I watched it I was wondering what was going through the models' minds as they wait their turn to walk, how nerve racking!  I would be the girl who went to get up gracefully and tripped on her own feet falling onto the runway.  L. Vuitton (if alive) would be very mad and say I was finished and a disgrace to longed legged girls....but then one critic, perhaps Tim Blank for would see my unplanned moment as fashion forward and next thing you know I am on the cover of vogue sharing my story of how I became the star of Paris fashion week!

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